St. Marys Railroad

Immerse yourself in history, fun and adventure as you travel the rails from Historic St. Marys, Georgia, through scenic woodlands and marshlands. Your 1 hour and 15 minute excursion brings you face to face with yesteryear, nature, and some great entertainment. Whether you're riding on the open-air rail cars or experiencing an authentic locomotive or caboose ride, you never know what you'll encounter along the way!

St. Marys Railroad

July 4

Celebrate America’s Birthday on a train bound for the year 1776. Teach your children the pride of being an American.

wild west show

Railroad Days

October 7

Celebrate the golden days of America's Railroad with characters out of history and lots of fun entertainment. Come early for the 10 am parade, build a scarecrow, and enjoy the all-day Rock Shrimp Festival afterward. - See more at:

(also on October 7)

A once in a lifetime opportunity to actually RUN an authentic 1930s STEAM LOCOMOTIVE! You're at the controls of the Lehigh Valley 126. Imagine the bragging rights, and you get a certificate to prove it. Must call 912-729-1103 for details and to schedule an AT THE THROTTLE experience.

Railroad Museum

As the nostalgia of the echoing whistle heard across a rural valley and the memories of small town depots fade, we endeavor to keep the spirit of railroading alive and vibrant in the minds of future generations.

The St. Marys Railroad Museum is a product of St. Marys Little Theatre, a 501c3 nonprofit organization run by volunteers. The Museum is located in Theatre by the Trax, an old railroad repair building brought to life through the kind donations of our benefactors and the tireless work of our volunteers. The building also serves as the Depot for St. Marys Express Train Excursions.

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